Drug Distribution And Manufacturing

State lawmakers, in attempt to fight illegal drug use by cracking down on those who manufacture and distribute controlled substances, have enacted tough laws and stiff penalties for these crimes. If you face criminal charges of drug distribution or manufacturing, it is imperative that you seek representation from knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys who have experience facing the aggressive tactics used by prosecutors in these cases.

At Clark, Glasgow and McClintock, LLC, in Monmouth, we have that experience. Criminal defense attorneys David Reid Clark and Steven Glasgow have a thorough understanding of how prosecutors build their cases in all types of drug cases and how to pinpoint weaknesses in those strategies.

We will conduct our own investigation of the arrest to determine if law enforcement officers, in their zeal to seize evidence and make an arrest, violated any constitutional rights.

We Are Trial-Tested And Always Prepared To Litigate

Our lawyers are experienced litigators who will speak frankly with you about your case and what you can expect if you go to trial. We appear in state courts throughout West-Central Illinois regularly. We will help you weigh the risks, explain what can be accomplished through negotiations, and work together to determine how best to proceed.

Rest assured, we are not here to simply guide you through the judicial system and take whatever outcome occurs. We have handled enough serious drug offense cases to know what can be accomplished given the unique facts of your case.

Time is of essence in these cases. We want to respond promptly and speak with all key individuals who may be involved as soon as possible. It is also important not to speak with law enforcement authorities or state prosecutors until you have knowledgeable legal guidance at your side.

Ready To Protect Your Rights

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