Defending Those Accused Of Violent Crimes

Some of the most aggressively prosecuted criminal offenses are violent crimes. Given the severity of penalties associated with a violent crime conviction ― including lengthy prison sentences ― you need to contact an experienced attorney right away if your are facing such charges.

While other law firms may dabble in criminal defense, we at Clark, Glasgow and McClintock, LLC focus our entire practice on it. With over four decades of legal experience between David Reid Clark and Steven Glasgow, you would be hard pressed to find a firm with more knowledgeable and skilled attorneys. The simple fact is that experience matters. So, when your future hangs in the balance due to an alleged violent crime, contact the attorneys who know what they are doing.

We Defend Against A Wide Variety Of Violent Crime Charges

Some of the violent crimes we handle at Clark, Glasgow and McClintock, LLC include:

  • Murder, attempted murder and felony murder
  • Armed violence, including alleged criminal conduct involving firearms
  • Robbery
  • Home invasion
  • Assault and aggravated assault
  • Stalking and aggravated stalking
  • Battery, aggravated battery and domestic battery
  • Telephone harassment

The most important thing to remember when facing violent crime charges is to never attempt to resolve the matter by discussing it with police, especially if you do not have legal counsel present. In most cases, they are going to arrest you regardless of what you have to say ― not to mention it may inadvertently provide them with further evidence that they will use to convict you. Even if a police officer appears sympathetic, keep quiet, as he or she is likely building the criminal case against you.

When Your Freedom Is At Risk, Contact Clark, Glasgow and McClintock, LLC

If you have been charged with a violent crime in western Illinois, contact the lawyers at Clark, Glasgow and McClintock, LLC today. For a FREE initial consultation, reach out to us online or call us at 309-760-4602. With an office in Monmouth, we assist clients throughout West Illinois, including those in Galesburg, Peoria and Macomb.