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Vandalism and its penalties

The law regards respect of other people's property as very important. Therefore, when someone defaces or alters the property of others, he or she is likely to face charges for the property damage

It is critical for anyone who faces this type of charge to understand what a conviction could entail. There are a few things to know about vandalism and its penalties.


Vandalism, or property damage, occurs when an individual causes damage to the property of others without their express permission. The Illinois code for criminal damage to property describes such instances in detail. A few of the most common types of vandalism include:

  • Tagging and graffiti
  • Breaking windows
  • Keying cars

These and other similar offenses may result in charges for damage of property. This is a criminal charge that many attribute to juveniles, but adults may receive such charges as well.

Responsibility and penalties

In vandalism cases, judges hear and review the evidence, then make their decisions accordingly. For guilty verdicts, they issue sentencing, which may vary depending upon the severity of the damage. In the case of adults, the charges and penalties rest solely upon them. However, in juvenile cases, the parents bear some of the penalties. The children must stand trial and the conviction goes on their records, but the parents must pay any fees.


A key part of the prosecution's case is to show the intentionality of the action that resulted in the property damage. This does not necessarily mean that they must show the action was an attempt to cause damage, but rather that the individual willingly and intentionally committed the act that led to the damage.

This is a brief overview of vandalism charges and their penalties. For a deeper understanding, people in Monmouth should take some time to review the laws and consider consulting with an attorney. 

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