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2 things to consider about plea deals

If you are ever arrested and charged with a crime in Monmouth, one question you might find yourself contemplating is if you should accept a plea deal. Prosecutors often offer them to alleged offenders in exchange for them giving the prosecution something it wants in return. For example, a person who is facing several criminal charges might receive a plea bargain offer for the prosecution to drop all charges except for one. The defendant must plead guilty to the one charge for the prosecution to honor the deal. 

If you have a DUI conviction, can you ever drive again?

You may be as sorry as you can be about your drunk driving charge, and indeed, most first offenders find a conviction for DUI to be a frightening experience. The penalties are harsh and include heavy fines, but what bothers you most may be the ignition interlock requirement.

Could your minor child be prosecuted for sexting?

Teenagers have embraced digital technologies in ways that many adults will never fully understand. Sexting, the sending of sexually explicit pictures, is a way teenagers are connecting with each other. When it comes to consenting adults over the age of 18, sexting is generally legal. In contrast, pictures of children under the age of 18 are considered child pornography. Teenagers who send and receive nude or sexual pictures of each other could be charged with a serious crime. 

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