Have You Been Charged With A Crime? You Need Backup.

The attorney you hire can be the difference between going to jail and going home. So when your freedom is at stake, place your trust in Clark & Glasgow. Our two attorneys have 46 years of combined criminal law experience - and there is simply no substitute for experience.

When you find yourself facing serious criminal charges, you need the legal guidance of an aggressive attorney who is not only trustworthy but also understands your pain.

At Clark & Glasgow, we are not like all of the other cookie cutter law firms out there. We would rather dedicate our time to fighting for your freedom than spending it on the golf course. To us, you are more than just a mere paycheck ― you are a person in need of legal help.

We take great pride in our ability to relate to our clients and recognize their fears and concerns. We attribute this particular skill to the fact that we often share similar backgrounds with our clients. Indeed, prior to pursuing legal careers, attorneys David Reid Clark and Steven Glasgow were blue collar workers ― with jobs ranging from construction to meatpacking, and everything in between.

We truly understand where you are coming from. So, when we say that we feel your pain, we actually mean it. Can other lawyers say the same?

We Can Help When You Have Been Busted

When you seek legal representation from Clark & Glasgow, you can rest assured that we will turn over every stone and pursue every legal option to help secure your freedom. We have extensive experience in defending against a wide variety of criminal charges such as:

Call Us Today, Your Freedom Is Worth It

Just because another attorney may offer rock-bottom rates, that does not mean he or she is going to be more effective. In many cases, it is just the opposite. After all, in law, as with many other things, you get what you pay for.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Central and West Illinois, contact the criminal defense lawyers at Clark & Glasgow today. With an office in Monmouth, we assist clients throughout Knox, Warren, Hancock and Henry counties, and the surrounding areas, including all over West Central Illinois. For a FREE initial consultation, call us at 309-760-4602 or reach out to us online.