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If you face serious criminal charges, you need guidance from knowledgeable, aggressive, and experienced attorneys who are trustworthy and understand you and the anxiety you feel. We treat every client with dignity and professionalism.

Our Experience

Clark and Glasgow, LLC, has more than 60 years of cumulative criminal defense experience. With our combined efforts on cases, our clients frequently benefit from each lawyer’s skill set. Our attorneys work closely with those accused of crimes, as well as their spouses, parents, and other loved ones.

We listen more than we speak, but when we do talk, we are candid and honest.

David and Steven are regular guys – whatever that means – who realize that those who face criminal charges are also regular people. Prior to launching their legal careers, they were blue-collar workers with wide-ranging work experience. David worked on a hog farm and served as a United States Marine  in Vietnam. Steve was a gravedigger, construction worker, and even a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. We know how to get dirty and work hard for results.

How We Work

Clark and Glasgow, LLC, has an edge unmatched by any law firm in this area. Our experienced attorneys have the ability to look at a case from every conceivable angle drawing from our wide-ranging experience. This allows us to apply the traditional strategies that have been effective as well as exceptional outside-the-box thinking. From there, we will develop the best strategy to minimize the impact that criminal charges will have on your life.

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